The Game Chamber is solely owned by long-time gamer Tim Brown. Tim has been involved in gaming since his teenage years and has enjoyed employment in all segments of the industry for his entire working career. He has visited game stores all over south-western Ontario, and attends many conventions and conferences to better his product knowledge and add to The Game Chamber’s fantastic Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) atmosphere.

When the chance presented itself to open a store all aspects of great locations were reviewed and a list was put together of what we wanted to include in our new venture.
At The Game Chamber you will enjoy:

  • availability of a wide selection of gaming products and supplies
  • a large, clean, well-lit gaming area
  • a selection of good looking terrain
  • a clean bathroom
  • a customer reward program
  • friendly, knowledgeable, supportive staff
  • availability of snacks and drinks
  • free parking
  • easy access by car and bus
  • regular gaming events including tournaments
  • evening hours so people can go to game after work or school.
  • a private room where a group of friends can play without interruption

The Game Chamber is pleased to offers all of these things. If at any time we fall down on the job and fail to meet our customers expectations, we hope you will tell us so we can make things right.