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wgbj0BFGTMiwLrMBqZ2T_logo without words Attention modelers! We’ve teamed up with local professional sculptor James Van Schaik to bring you some hands on knowledge right in our very own game room. James will be running sculpting workshops on the last Tuesday of each month starting in October and continuing for the foreseeable future. While each class you attend in store does come included with the online courses you can also learn at your own pace direct from the Fire For Effect Website.These courses will prepare the student for sculpting and converting miniatures. They cover everything from the basics of sculpting with focus on fundamental techniques and will expand over time into everything you’d ever need to know about many different advanced topics. Each course consists of instructional videos as well as pdf course guides and references.Call us anytime in store to book your spot in the next class for only $40 where your materials and tools will be supplied on loan. Fire For Effect prices vary depending on the course.


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