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We carry the Army Painter line of paints, brushes, flocks, tufts and tools.
If Formula P3 is your brand we’ve got those too. The whole line complements others nicely with alternated shades and tones to the traditional pallet.
We carry the entire collection of the paint line, contrast paints included, along with the rest of their modeling accessories including their new elite range of tools and paint sets. We’ve even posted the conversion chart to help you update your old pots to the new line.
Battlefield In A Box terrain for use in your miniature wargames is an inexpensive and quick alternative to hand crafting your own. We have access to the entire product line so we can special order anything you might want.
Pegasus products are only a special order away, they make finely detailed terrain kits that are almost infinitely useful. Need to fill up your bits box with industrial things, Pegasus will do the job nicely!
Dice! Polyhedral sets in opaque, translucent, speckled and many of the specialty patterns including gemini, phantom, and scarab to name a few. The same styles are also stocked in 16mm d6 blocks which Magic players love as well as 36 piece 12mm sets to cater to the miniature gamers. We have access to the entire product lines for Chessex, Koplow, and Q-Workshop as well as many smaller companies so if there is a specific colour you need, chances are we can help you out!
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We carry a selection of magazines involved with wargaming and are always looking at more to add. We offer in-store subscriptions that will ensure you always get your most up to date copies!