The back wall of our showroom contains many consignment items. You never know what might be in there but we can almost guarantee the deals will be good. Come on down and check it out on a regular basis… you don’t want to miss out on something awesome. Inventory flips fast as many customers are willing to sell their unwanted games at great value so they may start into the next new hotness!


Our Consignment system has changed as of October 21st 2017
If you wish to sell something on consignment, here is what you need to do:

  • Fill out our consignment form available below, read the agreement, sign and date it.
  • Make yourself a name code based on your initials. (Alfred B Christmas would be ABC for example)
  • List your items and assign each item a code number (ABC1, ABC2, ABC3…)
  • Bag or bundle together items that will be sold as a lot. (For unpainted miniatures we recommend ziplock bagging them into lots of how they are originally sold, 10 space marines etc.)
  • Clearly sticker, tag or mark each item with the price and the corresponding Name code

If you follow the proper steps our consignment fee is 20%, no different than what it was before. One change to note, the earnings go directly onto your account and may only be used for store credit. When we check in your items, we will circle the 20% at the top to confirm all steps have been followed correctly.

Example Label: