1700 Dundas St., Unit 2, London, ON N5W 3C9 519-601-4263

The back wall of our showroom contains two glass display cabinets and the wall adjacent are dedicated to consignment sales. You never know what might be in there but we can almost guarantee the deals will be good. Come on down and check it out on a regular basis… you don’t want to miss out on something awesome. Inventory flips fast as many customers are willing to sell their unwanted games to quickly cheap to start into the next cool thing.


If you want to sell something on consignment bring it on down. We charge 20% of the selling prices that you set and the rest comes back to you in CASH. We allow items to stay in the cabinets for roughly two months depending on customer interest, after that they will be removed to make space for new stuff. Please come prepared with a list of your items, and if you can tag them with your initials ahead of time we will ensure they get a prime spot. If you have painted models that impress the Game Chamber staff we may even place your items into our glass showcase for sale. We do however for each area, retain the right to refuse submissions we deem unsellable or too undesirable.