Our next Bring and Buy event is August 22nd
If you wish to sell something at this event, here is what you need to do:

  • Fill out our consignment form available below, read the agreement, sign and date it.
  • Make yourself a name code based on your initials.
    (Alfred B Christmas would be ABC for example)
  • List your items and assign each item a code number
    (ABC1, ABC2, ABC3…)
  • Bag or bundle together items that will be sold as a lot. (For unpainted miniatures we recommend ziplock bagging them into lots of how they are originally sold, 10 space marines etc.)
  • Clearly sticker, tag or mark each item with the price and the corresponding Name code so that it will not easily fall off.

If you follow the proper steps our consignment fee is 20%, with 80% paid back to you in cash once the sale has completed. If store credit is preferred we add 100% of the sale price to your account instead!

Example Label: