The Game Chamber carries a diversified selection of wargaming miniatures. We carry the best sellers from Games Workshop, the main staples of all Warmachine and Hordes factions as well as a selection of popular models from Malifaux, Fallout Wasteland Warfare, and A Song of Ice and Fire to start.

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Looking for that one specific box? We are more than happy to order in anything from one of the many miniature lines that we carry.

Warhammer 40,000 In the year 41 000, humanity has spread across the galaxy but faces threats from all sides. We carry a selection of Getting Started boxes, Starter Kits, units from every faction as well as rulebooks, codices and anything else you would need. Can’t find it in store? We can also order anything from their product line as well!
Age of Sigmar As the God-King Sigmar strikes his first blow, the Eight Realms move from the Age of Chaos into the Age of Sigmar. We carry a large selection of Getting Started boxes, perfect for anyone looking to get started in the hobby. Everything else, we will happily order in for you!
The Lord of the Rings Interested in recreating your favorite scenes from the Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit? The Battle of Pelennor Field is a great starting box with knights, the undead, orcs, a troll and even a dragon! We also carry the rest of the product line so you can even fight battles you only wish you could have seen.
Star Wars X-Wing is a fast paced, small ship miniature game based in the Star Wars universe. Want to get into miniatures but don’t want to paint? This is the game for you! All of the ships come beautifully painted and ready to play right out of the box. With its easy to learn to rules and its wide range of factions and ships to choose from, its easy to see why it is one of the most popular games in our store!
Star Wars Legion Take command of a small force of your favourite characters to fight, on the ground, in a variety of settings all based in the Star Wars universe! From clones to droids, stormtroopers to rebels, pick your faction and lead your forces to victory. With a variety of heroes and villains to add to your army, Star Wars Legion is a great game for everyone to play.
Star Wars Armada Sure X-wing is a lot of fun but do you ever wish sometimes that you could bring a Super Star Destroyer and see just how many rebel ships you can destroy? If so, Armada is the game for you! Serving as a Fleet Admiral of either the Imperial Navy or Rebel Alliance, do battle with capital ships from the Star Wars universe to claim galactic victory.
A Song of Ice And Fire Winter is coming! Based off of the popular book and HBO series Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire is a rank-and-file miniature game featuring many of the beloved characters from the series. Factions such as the Lannisters, Starks, and even those such as the Freefolk are yours to command in epic battles all across Westeros. With new products being released consistently, now is the perfect time to start your campaign for the Iron Throne!
Bolt Action Get ready to re-enact fast and furious battles with finely detailed 28mm Bolt Action. Rulebooks and a selection of the most popular 28mm figures from Warlord are regularly stocked. We have access to the entire Warlord miniature line so we can special order anything you might need.
Warmachine Our most consistent wargame, Warmachine, is holding strong as a Friday night staple at our store. With the recent releases of the Infernals and the Oblivion Campaign Set, the game has more to offer than ever before. We carry a full selection and even some stuff from other games (such as Riot Quest) to help bolster the lineup.
Hordes Hordes and Warmachine are two very different yet compatible game systems. If your friend wants to lead a horde of angry trolls into battle and you’d prefer the sleek look of our mechanical overlords the Convergence, that is no problem!
Infinity Infinity, very popular outside of our game room and something we often bring in special for customers. Products for infinity are about 2 weeks delivery time. There is a community in London for it, but they are stealthy…
Malifaux-Title Malifaux With the release of Malifaux 3rd Edition (M3E) and new revamped faction boxes, the game is as easy to start as it ever was. Have models hanging around from 2nd edition? No problem! The Guild Faction Pack has all the new cards that you need to jump right into the new edition.
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There are so many miniature games out and new ones releasing all the time. While we do our best to bring you samples of all the fantastic choices available it’s not possible to carry them all. As usual, we have access to their entire product lines so we can special order anything you might want.