The Game Chamber – 1700 Dundas St., Unit 2, London, ON N5W 3C9 519-601-4263

The Game Chamber carries a diversified selection of wargaming miniatures. We carry the best sellers from Games Workshop, the main staples of all Warmachine and Hordes factions as well as a selection of popular models from Flames of War, Bolt Action, Malifaux for starters.

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If you don’t see something you’re looking for let us know and we’d be happy to special order it for you generally with one week shipping time at absolutely no extra charge.

Warhammer 40,000 We carry the best sellers of 40k including starters sets and a selection of plastic boxes to fill out your army. We also have the hard cover rulebook and a selection of the most recently updated Codexes. We have access to the entire Warhammer 40,000 product line so if there is a special item you are in need of we will have no problem bringing it in for you.
Warhammer Fantasy The Island of Blood starter set will get you going in Warhammer Fantasy and our selection of plastic boxes will help you fill out your army too. We always stock the hard cover rulebook and a selection of the most recently updated Army Books. Just like 40k we have access to the entire Warhammer product line would love to help you find what you need.
The Lord of the Rings Interested in recreating your favorite scenes form Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit? The Mines of Moria starter set will get you adventuring in no time. We have access to the entire Lord of the Rings and War of the Rings product lines but as it is less popular than Warhammer and 40k but special orders take less than a week in most cases.
Warmachine Our most popular miniature line with many many players each and every Friday night! Starting off in “warma-hordes” couldn’t be easier, the Two-Player Battle Box and Battle Groups for each of the factions are always stocked as well as a large selection of blisters and boxes to fill out any faction. We also have the main rulebooks, supplements, Forces books, token sets and templates. Are we missing an item you are looking for? No problem, It’s under one week away.
Hordes The fantastic thing with Hordes and Warmachine is the game systems are completely compatible. If your friend wants to lead a horde of angry trolls into battle and you’d prefer the sleek look of our mechanical overlords the Convergence, that is no problem! We run monthly tournaments, leagues, fun nights and painting competitions periodically too.
Malifaux-Title Malifaux With the lowest entry price for any game system we support, Malifaux M2E (second edition) is growing in popularity quickly. Under $50 starters and a mini rulebook for around $15 will have you playing almost instantly. We have a local Henchmen to run leagues and tournaments as well.
Flames of War Open Fire! Battlefront’s starter set for Flames of War is stocked with a selection of the army books for the Late War period. We carry a selection of accessories to simplify your game. Because of the bewildering selection of models available from Battlefront we focus on special orders for official product and carry a selection of product from the Plastic Soldier Company for use in your Flames of War games. These plastic model kits have amazing detail and fit in well with the Battlefront miniatures. We also have access to the entire, growing product line from PSC and Zvesda as well as several other historical manufacturers.
Bolt Action Get ready to reenact fast and furious battles with finely detailed 28mm Bolt Action. Rulebooks and a selection of the most popular 28mm figures from Warlord are regularly stocked. We have access to the entire Warlord miniature line so we can special order anything you might need.
Kings of War A popular alternative to other fantasy miniatures, we have access to the entire Mantic product line which we can get for you in no time at all. Looking for a sci-fi alternate models, check out Mantic’s Warpath range.
Infinity Infinity, very popular outside of our game room and something we often bring in special for customers. Products for infinity are about 2 weeks delivery time. There is a community in London for it, but they are stealthy…
Reaper We carry a selection of miniatures from the Chronoscope, non-fantasy line and a variety of fantasy based figures as well as the super popular Bones line. Although the bones are proving difficult to get our hands on sometimes these are excellent choices for use in your favorite RPG. We have no problem tracking down the perfect reaper mini for you as we order them from several sources.
Avatars of War Want to add some bling to your army, Avatars of War makes many great Lord and leader models for use in in any fantasy wargame. These are more of a special order item for us, but we’d love to help you find the perfect sergeant for your unit!
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There are so many miniature games out and new ones releasing all the time. While we do our best to bring you samples of all the fantastic choices available it’s not possible to carry them all. As usual, we have access to their entire product lines so we can special order anything you might want.